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Qingdao Double Dragon Industry Co., Ltd. established in 1997. It was owned Import & Export rights which approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. it has collected a group of highly educated talents, experienced & professional staff in international trade field. 

Our company has the first-class equipments for producing and testing the products. We owned an investment holding silica gel factory and a garment factory which has passed the inspection of international authoritative certification bodies.  

We have been providing high quality import and export products and excellent services to our clients and have established long-term and stable business relations with many quality suppliers and customers at home and abroad..

Export commodities: Silica Gel, Cat litter, Various kinds of knitting Clothing and Textiles, Longkou Vermicelli, Qingdao preserved eggs,  Anchor Chain,Wire Rope, Marine Rigging, etc. 

Import commodities: Frozen Beef Cuts, Lamb and Offal , Aquatic products, Red Wine, scarce Agricultural Products in domestic, etc.

Enterprise Tenet: Integrity and Pragmatic, High quality and Efficiency, Mutual trust and mutual,Benefit, Harmony and Win-Win.  

Office Address: NO.128 Hongkong East Road ,Qingdao, China  P.C.266071

Tel: +86-532-85889188 / 88631160    Fax: +86-532-85898338

E-mail: ddy@qddoubledragon.com 

  • +86-532-85889188

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