Import & Export Agency


Our company have the first-class and professional management team of import and export business, we have gathered a group of highly educated and experienced international trade talents, with many years of agency experience, could provide various agency services for domestic and foreign customers. We owned qualification of the consignee of the imported meat products, red wine, aquatic products, agricultural products which approved by General Administration of Customs P.R. China. (Import License Code:3178000578). We could also provide kinds of embassy certification; certificate of origin and other trade services. To help customers obtain convenient and personalized services, to maximize costs saving and increase profits for customers.

Our business is based on mutual benefit and win-win. We can promise that:
1. As per customer’s requests, we can provide the settlement of exchange application to the bank once receiving the foreign currency in the same day, to handle the settlement business timely . On the day of bank settlement, we can pay to the factory.
2. Timely and effective in dealing with export rebates business. We will apply for tax refund from State tax Bureau after customers submit VAT invoice and related documents, then pay the tax refund to the customer in time according to the progress of the tax refund from tax Bureau.
3. Reasonable and competitive agency charges, lower than the other companies.

The customers must ensure to provide accurate and real information of the products (including Product name, Quantity, Value, HS code, etc.), and 100% matching with the customs declaration and VAT invoice. all exported products must be in compliance with national laws and policies.

"Equality, reliability, mutual benefit, efficiency" is our business principle.
We warmly welcome you to visit us for business negotiation at any time, we will reply you instantly.

TEL:0086 532 88631160 FAX: 0086 532 85898338

  • +86-532-85889188

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